Monday, June 30, 2014

The Straight Story 1999

Alvin Straight , somewhere in seventies, unable to drive, travels several hundred miles on a lawn mower to see his estranged brother, who has had a stroke. The journey takes him some months. This is a story of heroism, immediately reminiscent of Hemingway. On the way, we get to see endlessly sprawling corn fields, and some vivid encounters with good hearted people, who try to help the stubborn man in his eventful journey. A sensitive, uplifting, film, based on a true account.


Anonymous said...

An abnormally normal film from David Lynch, the director of "Blue Velvet"(1986) and "Wild at Heart"(1990).

Roger Ebert, who did not like many of Lynch's films, gave it 4 stars, and then he finally embraced Lynch's surreal world when he watched "Mulholland Dr."(2001)

S. M. Rana said...

Nothing surreal here..its straight