Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saraband 2003

This is a 2003 sequel to the 1973 "Scenes from a Marriage". The same actors enact the same characters and everybody-the actors, the director and the story- have aged by 30 years. Much has happened--Johann and  Marian  have been separated for ages, Johann has inherited a fortune, Marian is visiting him after a long gap as the film opens. This is a look at old age, how much and how little people change. All of them are as rootless as they were: this is the human condition, having little to do with aging, social class or geography.. However personalities have hardened in their contours. Also featured is Johann;s tormented son, unable to emerge over the grief over the loss of his wife, feeding emotionally on his daughter, who vainly struggles to extricate from the emotional vice. Hatred would seem to be as common a mark of the parental bond as love, particularly in adulthood. Another emotionally gripping drama from the Gloomy Swede.

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