Sunday, June 29, 2014

About Schmidt 2002

Schmidt (Nicolson) has just retired from an insurance company. Deprived of his lifelong routine, he is exposed to the desert of retirement, with all the time to complain and be miserable. This is an inconsequential film painting a bleak and depressing picture of life, of which the aging process is but a stage. Perhaps the truth is that he has long been senile. Schmidt evokes revulsion more than pity, to little purpose.


Anonymous said...

Considering his recent announcement of retirement, this Oscar-nominated performance will be one of the last good ones from Jack Nicholson, one of great Hollywood actors of our time.

Nicholson is wonderful here as getting out of his usual persona we are familiar with. His character is funny, silly, and pathetic, but there is something sad about this petty old man who wants to confirm to himself that his life means something, and that is why the last scene of the film is quite poignant.

S. M. Rana said...

....I found it more embarrassing than poignant