Friday, June 14, 2013


1955, 118m, France
Melancholy,romantic, fatalistic,smoky: these are some of the ingredients of the dish vaguely termed noire. This is one of the best specimens of the species. Here is an accelerating crime drama beautifully framed by the avenues and weathered ambiance of the French capital. The hoods in this case are rather tender hearted and crooks almost as if by fate.The French crook has a restraint which his American counterpart would disdain. In the climax a man barely alive drives through the streets to deliver a kidnapped child. The film is about a jewel heist and itself has the sparkling clarity of a transparent jewel.


Anonymous said...

The director Jules Dassin later directed "Topkapi"(1964), and it is a cheerier heist movie while it has its own terrific suspenseful moment.

S. M. Rana said...

I'm for the French movie cuisine! Your encyclopedic love of world cinema would be the envy of many a professional critic. Ebert's regard for you was not without reason.