Friday, June 7, 2013


1995,  Coen brothers
The film has the perfection of a natural object, like a snowflake. All the components meld together to create a feast for the eyes. It captures the geographical and cultural milieu in which it is set. A riveting story of a crime going haywire, it is as unpredictable as life. We see good and evil side by side. Perhaps most amazing is the ease with which the directors have handled their stuff, and it has the homeliness of a piece of contemporary folk lore. This is a film which is not forgotten. The opening scene of headlights materializing out of the white reminds me of David Lean's capture of the desert. The character of the amiable, tough and humane police lady Marge, which deserved and got the acting Oscar, is another I have stored since I first saw Fargo ten years ago.
To quote the Times:
""Fargo" has been hauntingly photographed with great, expressive use of white-outs that sometimes make the characters appear to be moving through a dream. Roads disappear, swallowed up in a snowy void, making "Fargo" look eerily remote. As the title suggests, there is a steady sense of distance and uncharted territory."


Anonymous said...

You'll love "A Simple Plan"(1998), another snowy crime drama going haywire in Minnesota.

S. M. Rana said...

As of the moment, I'm inclined to snowiness, so thanks for the reference.