Monday, June 10, 2013


1974, 2 hours, Polanski
LA is a city hemmed between a desert and the sea. In this parched environment, the resident crooks in this noire drama seek to cash in on this thirst. Images of gushing water (sometimes with murderous suddenness and force) give this film its unique flavor. As the plot unravels, the truth gets murkier, concluding with a stunning revelation. This is another film which won't erase and John Huston in his limited role is particularly memorable.


Anonymous said...

Jack Nicholson later directed its sequel "The Two Jakes"(1990). It's not great, but it's a passable sequel to this masterpiece

S. M. Rana said...

Nicholson a director? NY Times critic once said Nicholson is a "baby" compared to Bogart in projecting adult male persona.