Monday, May 20, 2013

My Life to Live

Godard, 1962
Divided into twelve brief episodes accompanied by narration, starring Godard's wife, the film chronicles the life of a streetwalker. This is a poignant, compassionate film, about a person distinguished only by her ordinariness.
Quoting Ebert:
"With her porcelain skin, her wary eyes, her helmet of shiny black hair, her chic outfits, always smoking, hiding her feelings, she is a young woman of Paris......She plays pinball. She works in a record store. She needs money. She tries to steal her flat key.....but is caught and frog-marched to the street, her arm twisted behind her. She has no home and no money. Is this her fault, or fate? Why did she leave Paul? Has she no feelings for her child?"


Anonymous said...

One of better Godard films which came out before the era when he became far less interesting and far more baffling.

S. M. Rana said...

Yes, he never became a favorite, leeastwise the History of Cinema.