Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Mill and the Cross

"......the camera pulls back, blending scores of actors and animals with computer-generated restage Bruegel’s 1564 canvas, “The Way to Calvary.”.....peddlers sell their wares; musicians play crude instruments; woodsmen chop down trees.....a young couple take their calf to market, only for the man to be set upon by soldiers, then strapped to a wheel ....".....NY Times

Quote from Ebert
" is a film before which words fall silent....."The Mill and the Cross" contains little dialogue.......if you see no more than the opening shots, you will never forget opens on a famous painting, and within the painting, figures move and walk.....towering above is an extraordinary sight: a craggy pinnacle, topped by a huge grain mill, its sails the bottom a helter-skelter stairway that zigzags into the shadows above.....its massive wheels grind."


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