Sunday, March 3, 2013

Founding of a Republic

2009, 135m

This is a state sponsored film which tells the events from the end of WW2 till the proclamation of the PRC in 1949. This is a visual feast with legendary figures like the chain smoking Mao Zedong, Zhou En Lai and Chiang Kai Shek (not to mention many others who would be instantly familiar to the Chinese target audience), floating statuesquely across the screen. This is riveting cinema which vividly populates the mind with the events of the period. The personas of the figures are understandably idealized  but the portrayals live and breathe and touch the heart. The acting is top notch, rich in mannerism and feeling. This is indeed a moving and memorable film which moreover helps one to empathize with the Chinese self identity and pride as a nation.

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