Friday, May 9, 2014

The Unknown Known

Errol Morris, 2014
A riveting documentary, worthy of its celebrated director. It is an interview with Rumsfeld,who was close to the helm of affairs from US side during the Middle East events in the first decade. Morris with great skill is able to snapshot from many angles the mental workings of this very intelligent decision maker, He is, of all things, a "dictionary addict", a person alive to the importance and power of words. We also learn the essential element of unpredictability of life, all calculation notwithstanding, which makes war, sport and even business, so endlessly fascinating. Another thing which appears is the absence of any significant ethical dimension in the thinking of even sophisticated intellectuals.


Anonymous said...

I had a terrific time with this documentary at the Jeonju International Film Festival - and my dad loved it.

Anonymous said...

I watched it with my dad, and, after watching it, he said Rumsfeld looked very untrustworthy. What do you think of him?