Sunday, February 9, 2014

Kahaani 2012 *

Seeing a Hindi mainstream film after a long time. Seeing international cinema for many years to a point of satiation, one may feel feel something like nostalgia for the environs one lives in. It was relaxing to indulge in this slightly pretentious entertainer, which indicates that Bollywood remains Bollywood (where can we find another). Technical values have possibly changed for the modern. The pay off is in the sudden metamorphosis of Vidya Balan towards the end. What does remain is the camera man's capture of the aromas and sounds of an Indian city ( Kolkatta for a welcome change), one's own habitat. I felt glad not to have forsaken these, for where else can you get cut chai? Another high point is the beautiful Tagore song adaptation, fused in three languages, accompanying the end titles. In fact, this is what drew me to the film.
Ekla Cholo Re

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