Friday, September 13, 2013

Chomsky Sessions 2: Science, Religion and Human Nature Part 1

This is the second of five interviews given by NC. I went through the script with the last portion missing. The video in any case is hard to decipher due to his low volume drone. The present interview says little about his views of religion. Chomsky freewheels over a range of topics, and various Presidents including Jefferson and some recent ones draw his ink jets of ridicule about how religious dogma has been used to justify wrongs like the decimation of American Indians. Even Whitman, Franklin and Emerson do not escape the ire of his rationality. About religion per se he says little except as a first fumbling step towards science, and of the human need for a framework. He says: " Whatever we understand about anything as complex as human affairs, the answers are trivial. And when not trivial, we don't understand anything."

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