Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Man for all Seasons

120m, 1966, Robert Bolt, Paul Scofield
A riveting drama about moral choice based on the life of Thomas More, who was executed for antagonizing Henry VIII by not acquiescing to the dissolution of his one marriage and blessing of the next. The movie more than any other feature stands out for the density and richness of the script, full of reason, thought and philosophy. Robert Bolt also wrote the scripts for two of David Lean's best known films.
Bosley Crowther:
"...the solid substance of "A Man for All Seasons"... presents us with an awesome view of a sturdy conscience and a steadfast heart...within such magnificent settings as only England itself could provide to convey the resplendence and color of the play's 16th-century mise en scène... crystallized the essence of this drama in such pictorial terms as to render even its abstractions vibrant...the play is essentially a showing of just one prolonged conflict of wills, one extended exposition of a man's refusal to swerve from his spiritual and intellectual convictions..."


Seongyong Cho said...

It's an eloquent drama to remember, but I prefer "The Lion in Winter"(1968), less eloquent but more ferocious.

S. M. Rana said...

I have been thinking of seeing that again, and I particularly recall Katharine Hepburn in that film.