Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quest for Fire

1981, 100m
Set in Neolithic 100k years or so ago , this film gives a reasonably accurate picture of human life in that era. Fire can be controlled and tamed, but not created. It is the prized life preserving weapon against foes human and non human. We see the interaction of different human sub species and the film is even punctuated with a prehistoric romance. There is a moving sequence of communion between man and beast when a hairy mammoth accepts a clutch of grass from a man. Apart from fire, the discovery of laughter is depicted. Worth a visit if only to form a vague picture of where we come from. Actually, the most dramatic scene is where a flame is miraculously generated from stone and wood. Starting from a tiny swirl of smoke it is tenderly nursed till we behold a sublime bonfire! Tears roll down the face of the protagonist who has been braving the perils of mountain and valley in his quest.

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