Friday, July 6, 2012

Pikoo's Diary

26m, 1980, Ray, Aparna Sen, Victor Banerjee
This is an extraordinary, unforgettable film, all the more for its brevity. And not just for the boldness of its theme, for Indian cinema of 1980, (adultery, that too brazen, under the eyes of an alert child), but the poetic power. In the last few minutes, time comes to a fullstop, and the child's universe is transformed by elemental occurrences. Everything coincides: clouds gather, the woman falls, death creeps in, a game of cards, sleep, a lotus trembles on its stalk. Sexuality. death, sickness, aging, nature, time. Awesome Life.
Part 1          Part 2         Part 3


Anonymous said...

As they should say, just because there are no more flowers doesn't mean you have to stop drawing them.

I was actually reminded of a lotus' tendency to grow in mud just a few moments before we are shown the withered lotuses.

Do you know what the fight was about in the last video? My grasp of Bengali is almost nil.

S. M. Rana said...

Same here--I missed the subtitles

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