Sunday, June 3, 2012


100m, Denmark, 2010

This documentary tells of the experience of the Afghan war, this time through the eyes of a company of soldiers from Denmark. The camera is very close to the site of action, and we see the casualties on either side as they occur. We see the gradual desensitization of the soldiers, and the increasing depersonalization of the enemy. The surprising thing is that having completed their period of deployment, most of the soldiers elect to return to the same arena of war a year later, as though war were an addictive substance. The movie has the texture of a feature, and one has the feel of watching fiction, not reality.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it does look like a fiction, and I have some doubt about several scenes in this documentary(I wonder whether they were staged in advance), but it is quite vivid at least.

S. M. Rana said...

This pair of films does convey the unique features of this war: the terrain, the invisibility of the opposite force, and the ambiguous stance of the local inhabitants. Restrepo struck me for the beautiful filming of the himalayan-like terrain, much like what we can see close to here.