Monday, March 19, 2012

Into the Abyss

Werner Herzog, 105m, 2011

A pair of teenagers commit three wanton murders in the process of stealing a car. After a decade long legal process, one of them (Perry) is to die by lethal injection ten days after the interview with Herzog we share in the film, while the other (Burkett) gets away with a sentence of forty years, partly due to the sympathy aroused by his father, another serving lifer. This riveting documentary paints a picture of waste, desolation and the grief of bereavement. We participate in actual interviews of relatives of the victims and criminals, a prison official who forsakes his pension and resigns after carrying out 125 executions and a priest who's job it is to be present at the last moment.


Vivek said...

Hello Mr. Rana,

Good to know you caught up with this film. Have been wanting to see it but cannot find it here.
I see you've been prolific with your blog postings. Well done!


S M Rana said...

You may be able to find it now since I also found it with some difficulty. Hope you come back and not for retirement from blogging-your presence was so meaningful and you introduced me to two wonderful Malayalam films.