Tuesday, February 14, 2012


2011, 100m

This is a superbly crafted, tightly wound, mobster film replete with violence delivered with finesse and decorated with adequate amount of gore. As Francis Ford Cappola said with reference to his Godfather series, murder is such an unpleasant thing that it must be presented in an unusual form to make it interesting. This film may be an accelerated progeny of that illustrious and revered mother of the gangster genre. The cinematography is state of art, with the glittering panoramic spread of a nocturnal metropolis as the dazzling back drop. A roller coaster of a movie.


Seongyong Cho said...

I showed some reservation at the end of my review written in last year, but it eventually arrived at the near top of my list in late December. It's a superb film.

S M Rana said...

I was mentally comparing it to the Godfather series. A O Scott felt it lacks in depth of characterization and the Driver's personality lacks plausibility. However as cinema for cinema sake, I think it is a model of aesthetic craftsmanship, and is a celluloid(?) poem of its own genre.