Sunday, November 20, 2011


2001, La Scala, Barbara Frittoli as Alice, Verdi 1893

This last of the composer's works is based on The Merry Wives Of Windsor. The exuberant comedy is given an extra dimension in scintillating voice and music making it a pause less roller coaster of the joy of life. Falstaff, a dissolute but ever improvising knight schemes to seduce two beautiful wives of Windsor, with a mind to unloosen their purses as well, driven as he is to his final pennes. But he has not reckoned with the virtue and resourcefulness of these prank loving ladies, who take him on many a merry turn. The dilemma ridden Falstaff remains unfazed to the end. An electrifying energy and joy sizzles from end to end. Frittoli is unforgettable, as are almost all the characters, and one is left with the feeling of transcendent drama, comedy and music.


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