Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's love got to do with it

1993. 2 hours, Angela Basset as Tina Turner

This is the story of the prodigious singer and her experience of physical abuse at the hands of her husband. It is a story of a courageous battle and victory over adversity. It features her most famous songs in her own voice which is responsible for the power of the film. Basset's portrayal really gets inside the skin of the character. It is a portrayal of the soul, spirit and culture of Black America, which the singer as well as the actress seem to embody so well. It is a film not only about the life of a legendary artist, but also encases her art. The music has it's roots in the Afro-American soil, but also expresses with deep pathos universal human emotions of sadness, joy and defiance. The titular song is expressive of a kind of maturity of emotion transcending superfluity.

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