Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Paradine Case

Hitchcock, 1947, 112m

A murder mystery culminating in a courtroom drama with more than the usual twists and turns. Everything ih flavored with a syrupy love quadrangle built around the deceased blind and wealthy soldier-aristocrat, his fatally beautiful wife who is charged with the crime, the dead man's valet who is more than a valet, and brilliant defense counsel Gregory Peck who is drawn to the accused woman. Charles Laughton as the Dickensian Judge spices up the fare with his engaging British-isms as does the prosecutor played by Charles Coburn.

More of drama than cinema, the movie holds you for it's span of time and you leave of with a feeling of two hours agreeably wasted.


Nathanael Hood said...

Thank you!

I have literally seen every single one of Hitchcock's films, and "The Paradine Case" was easily one of his worst.

It ranks up there with "The Farmer's Wife" and "Juno and the Paycock."


Those movies HURT my soul...

S. M. Rana said...

We seem to agree on many things!