Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ten 2002

Kiarostami, 78m, Farsi

We are taken on several rides around an Iranian town in a car driven by a beautiful divorcee. Our co-passengers in the ten sections into which the film is divided are her son, a woman stoically disappointed when her lover leaves her, another heartbroken to have lost her husband after seven years, an old lady visiting the mosque who is given a lift and a prostitute, some of these figuring in more than one of the ten episodes. There is much conversation and we have glimpses of life in Iran and the problem of being a woman and a human being in general. It is a little tedious (it's not Hitchcock, after all) considering it's short duration but the effort is worthwhile because we take with us a better understanding of how that part of the globe is constituted. Kiarostami's films are are distinguished by naturalness and authenticity and the ability to see the drama of the mundane.

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