Thursday, July 1, 2010

Parting, a poem of adolescence, by AT

The cloud unfolded it’s golden wings
before the two of us
We both heard the mute song of parting
in the dying hours of the evening
- I, under the old cassia tree in the courtyard,
and you on the long road to freedom.
Alas! You could not hear the words it whispered to me.
And what it said to you was lost forever in the rising wind.


Ronak M Soni said...

Good poem. Who's AT?

S M Rana said...

@ Ronak

A close friend. Her blog, from which this is taken, with permission, appears on the sidebar under the style Sampanmitra.

How have you been, exams over, which year now?

Ronak M Soni said...

Exams got over back in April.I'll be joining second year in August.

I'll check out her blog.

Anonymous said...

I second Ronak's comment about checking out your friend's blog. If you hadn't told me who it was, I would've thought it was by a famous poet. Feel free to pass that praise on to your friend. :-)

S M Rana said...

Your sentiment was communicated to the author, who expresses her gratitude for your kind encouragement. She has merely assembled the discovered scrawls of childhood and teens for the sake of record since she has not wielded crayon or pen for quite a while.
PS: Do pass by the quoted site when you may.

AT said...

@Ronak and litdreamer
Thanks for your encouragement.

S M Rana said...

The poem has been sung at: