Friday, November 27, 2009

Andrei Rublev ( 1966 ) : a slavic vision

Just having finished this film about a fifteenth century artist, comprising seven "chapters", each about unrelated segments of his life. It is almost three hours long and the feeling half way through was one of slight disappointment at what appeared like medieval morbidity, quite different from his other films which I enjoyed and admired. But going through to the end, I was drawn into the mood and meaning and the visual splendor of the last two chapters ( the casting of a massive bell involving hundreds of men and the only colored part depicting the paintings of this Russian artist ). It is clear that this movie has to be seen again. It has already started working.

It is a film about the evolution of an artist.

*Director: Andrei Tarkovsky* Russian * 175 minutes* 


Literary Dreamer said...

So, have you finished your journey through Tarkovsky, S.M.?

S. M. Rana said...

@LD: Mercifully so!